How to make your car maintain a long-lasting service life and drive more safely?

How to make your car maintain a long-lasting service life and drive more safely?

  • Sep 09, 2021

Some people say that the sense of security in life mostly comes from a steady income and a strong heart; The sense of safety of driving is inseparable from the all-way support of high-strength body. The chassis is the part of the car closest to the ground except the tires. The chassis is an important part to support and install the automobile engine, form the overall shape of the automobile, bear the engine power and ensure normal driving.

As the saying goes " A broken car breaks the bottom first." The splashed sand and gravel keep hitting the chassis during driving; When driving on uneven roads, the car chassis may be underpinned; In rainy and snowy days, the car chassis is easy to stick to mud, which is corroded by rain and snow particles; The road after snow is covered with snow melting agent with strong corrosion, which causes fatal damage to the chassis and greatly shortens the service life of the vehicle.

What is chassis guarder?

Using Chassis guarder spray a layer of 3 ~ 4cm special sealing material under the automobile chassis, which forms a chassis protective layer after natural consolidation, which can reduce the damage caused by the impact of sand and stone, and have the function of anti-corrosion, rust prevention, shock absorption and wear resistance. In addition, the chassis guarder can also have a better sound insulation role.

Common misunderstandings of chassis guarder.

1. Chassis guarder shall be carried out after the vehicle body is aged? NO, it isn't.

After the vehicle has been driven for several years, the chassis guarder needs to be polished and cleaned until the metal color is exposed. Therefore, it is necessary to coat the chassis as soon as possible after picking up the vehicle, so as to enhance the protection of the chassis and prolong the service life of the chassis.

2. Adding guard board equals chassis guarder? NO, it isn't.

There is a clear distinction between the engine lower guard board and the chassis guarder. The engine lower guard board is a guard installed at the bottom of the automobile engine compartment, and the material has hardness; Chassis guarder is essentially a layer of coating, it is a flexible material similar to asphalt. Therefore, the chassis guarder is "paint", not "guard".

3. New cars don't need chassis guarder? NO, it isn't.

The automobile chassis has been protected to some extent when leaving the factory, but most Auto Makers will only give simple armor coating treatment to some parts of the chassis due to cost problems, and the rest will not be coated. Therefore, it is necessary to use chassis guarder protect your car.

Corrosion prevention, rust prevention, sound insulation and heat insulation.

Rubber type: Quick drying, low irritation and convenient construction.

Resin type: High elasticity, low odor, good adaptability to high and low temperature.

Water type: Safe, environmental protection, high-grade.

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