•  Russia International Auto Parts Exhibition
    Russia International Auto Parts Exhibition
    • December 16, 2021

    From August 23 to 26, the 2017 Russia international auto and Parts Exhibition (interauto 2017) was successfully held in Moscow's crocus International Exhibition Center. Our hot sales product, such as carb cleaner, multifunctional foam cleaner, dashboard wax polish spray,anti rust lubricant spray attracted a large number of customers. In this exhibition, the foreign trade team, led by Shi Lipeng, marketing director, once again displayed high-end automobile beauty and maintenance products on the international stage, and showed its style to merchants from all over the world. At the exhibition, the first exhibition in Russia attracted many professional merchants to consult and negotiate. As a brand that has been deeply engaged in the automotive aftermarket for 28 years, we perfect integration and improvement of product appearance, technology and quality, and has won a good reputation at home and abroad. It can be seen from the scene that many overseas merchants fully affirmed and highly spoke of the quality of the our products, and some customers expressed their great willingness to carry out win-win cooperation. Since this year, we accelerate the promotion of foreign trade business, take the initiative to attack major international exhibitions and further expand the overseas market. After participating in the exhibition in Mexico in June, we move fast to promote our brand in Russia. Through on-site friendly exchanges with overseas customers, deepen their awareness of the our brand, continuously improve the brand influence. So far, the our products have been exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the American market and the Russian market, and the overseas performance has been popular. In the future, we will continue develop the overseas market and strive to move towards brand internationalization.

  • The official supplier conference of the 19th Asian Games in 2022 and successfully held the 2021 annual core strategy summit in Hangzhou
    The official supplier conference of the 19th Asian Games in 2022 and successfully held the 2021 annual core strategy summit in Hangzhou
    • November 11, 2021

    On July 9, 2021, the official supplier conference of the 19th Asian Games in 2022 and the annual Core Strategy Summit in 2021 were grandly held in Hangzhou. At the meeting, Liang qiangyong, Minister of the market development department of Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee, fully affirmed the enthusiastic participation of Biaobang in national sports, and officially announced that Biaobang was awarded as the officially designated automobile supplier for the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games and the 4th Asian Paralympic Games in Hangzhou in 2022. Minister Liang said that this cooperation is not only showed the strength and brand, but also showed the feelings for Biaobang. He also looks forward to seeing the figure of Biaobang in more intercontinental events in the future. In the next time, it is hoped that the Biaobang group can give full play to its own advantages, assisting the preparation of the Asian Games and the Asian Paralympic Games in the field of auto supplies, and successfully promoting national enterprises to the world. Mr. Zou Shanghong, chairman of Biaobang group, said that in the future, Biaobang will continue to adhere to the forward and hard-working spirit of the Asian Games, adhere to the enterprise business philosophy of "Provide consumers with highest quality products and services ", take the road of innovation, carry forward national brand enterprises and drive the industry to the road of internationalization. The official ceremony of Biaobang group and Hangzhou 2022, 19th Hangzhou Asian Games and 4th Asian Paralympic Games were successfully held. Finally, the number of online viewers on the conference from live broadcast platform reached 242800, and the on-site ordering amount of dealers reached 166 million. The official supplier conference of the 19th Asian Games in 2022 and the 2021 annual Biaobang Core Strategy Summit in Hangzhou came to a successful conclusion during the climax of ordering. With regard to becoming the official designated auto supplies supplier for the 19th Asian Games and the 4th Asian Paralympic Games in Hangzhou in 2022, Mr. Zou Shanghong, chairman of Biaobang group, said that as a well-known national brand in the car care industry, Biaobang has always paid attention to Chinese sports events and provided auto supplies and service guarantee for the holding of Asian Games and other events for many times. He hopes that in combination with the competition concept of "green, intelligent, thrifty and civilized" of Hangzhou Asian Games, he can provide high-quality ,reliable products, and best services for contestants and audiences in the form of online and offline, provide strong support for the competition and better contribute to the Asian Games.

  • Hold activities to celebrate The International Women's Day.
    Hold activities to celebrate The International Women's Day.
    • September 25, 2021

    In March, the spring breeze is warm and the earth recovers. In this beautiful season, the "March 8th International Women's Day" is coming. On March 8, in order to further enrich the spiritual and cultural life of female employees, we organized more than 50 female employees to enjoy a film and have a dinner. After the dinner, the female staff will have a half day holiday. ▲ Cinema collection In this activity, we enjoyed the current hot film “Hi, Mom”. It tells the story of the protagonist who wanted to be proud of her mother after she was admitted to college, but she was very sad because her mother suddenly suffered a serious car accident. When she was in great pain, she went back to her mother Li Huanying's time and became a friend with her young mother. She wanted to make her mother "make great achievements" with her advanced thinking, but the result was surprising... The strong family affection in the film aroused strong resonance among everyone. Many female employees were touched to tears and expressed that they would redouble love their parents in the future. After the movie, the company arranged a nearby dinner for female employees. In this atmosphere of special significance and great joy, we talked and laughed during that happy time, let us more closer and  had a fulfilling and happy day。 ▲ Happy dinner This activity not only allows the female employees to relax after the stressful work and busy family life, and feel the warmth and care from the company, but also hope that everyone can continue their love for life and creates greater value for the company.

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