Aerosol spray paint has many wonderful functions, it is so easy for home renovation.

Aerosol spray paint has many wonderful functions, it is so easy for home renovation.

  • Jan 14, 2022

Many people may feel that automotive spray paint cans is useless in our daily life, but it is only used by some small groups for graffiti or color change. Today, we will overturn your idea. Aerosol auto spray paint is a kind of paint that can be easily sprayed by high-pressure filling after being treated by special methods.

custom automotive aerosol spray paint

All Purpose Used Aerosol Spray Paint has a wide range of uses: mold, industrial machinery, toys, handicrafts, buildings, steel structure, advertising, publicity logo, graffiti and other industries can find the shadow of all purpose used color auto spray paint cans.

In fact, in addition to the above-mentioned areas, if the items in our daily life have defects or paint falling off, we can also use graffiti spray paint for repair, and the local repair efficiency of small items and small furniture is much higher than that of ordinary paint products.

Sometimes the paint film on the surface of small objects around us is knocked off by objects. It's a pity. Maybe these small scratches will not affect our use them, but the surface very bad.

Some materials (plastic, metal, etc.) have small scratches. We can buy color auto spray paint cans
for treatment. How to do it? Let's have a look.

Masking work

This first step of preparation is cover, it is really important. A few simple steps can avoid a lot of trouble in subsequent cleaning.

Find a more open location, and pay attention not to affect the others. Cover the ground and walls that may be sprayed with cover paper. If there is no masking paper, it is also possible to use old newspapers. Because we need to repair small items this time, not the whole items need to be painted, so the places that can't be painted need to be covered.


The original paint film of some articles is nearly peel off, which has been peeled off from the surface of the articles. At this time, we need to shovel off the peeled paint film, and then grind it flat. If the paint film adheres well, you don't need to remove it. You just need to polish the damaged part until it is flat.

For grinding small objects, it is recommended to use fine sandpaper. For large area grinding, steel brush or sandpaper can be used for rough grinding.

The main purpose of treating the damaged parts and polishing is to remove impurities and improve the adhesion of painting, so as to achieve better effect for paint film. After grinding, wipe it with a slightly wet towel to clean the powder and dust generated by grinding.

Of course, if possible, can use dust-free paper to wipe the parts which to be painted. Dust free paper has the properties of high liquid absorption and low dust generation. It has a good effect on removing oil, water, debris and dust. It can completely remove oil, water and dust at the parts to be painted.

After the above preparations are completed, we can use spray paint to repair the items.


1. Shake the bottle repeatedly before painting about 30 seconds, so that the paint solution can be fully mixed evenly.

2. Keep a distance of about 20-30cm. Too close is easy to blister and accumulate, and too far will cause waste.

3. Multiple spraying method is adopted. The first time can be thinned, and then the second layer can be sprayed after an interval of 10-15 minutes. repeated for 2-3 times. The number of repetitions depends on the basic situation.

4.  Invert the bottle after use, and spray the spray head till gas was sprayed out, clean the spray mouth to avoid blocking mouth.


Pay attention to dust prevention: any dust will affect the effect and is difficult to deal with. Therefore, we must pay attention to dust prevention during using. If possible, it can be carried out in a dust-free environment.

Attention to wind speed: Aerosol Acrylic Auto Spray Paint is not suitable for wind force above level 2 (including level 2). If the wind is too strong, the coating will be blown away, causing waste and may stick to other places.

Pay attention to temperature and humidity: do not spray in the sun, too dry, or wet and low temperature environment. Exposure to the sun may affect the spraying effect of spray paint. Too humid environment will make the paint unable to adhere or difficult to dry.

Attention to storage: if there is still residual after painting, spray it upside down for several times, clean the residual paint of the nozzle, and then store it in a cool place, so that the nozzle will not be blocked or completely unusable for next use.

Aerosol Acrylic Auto Spray Paint just a small one, but it has a wide range of uses and can help us renovate many things. Why not take action to DIY everything what you want.

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